Lonely Strangers

I've come to realize how many lonely people occupy the world. I've had strangers come up to me and speak about their lives, their pain, experiences, sadness, betrayals etc. I mean they practically tell me their life story. These strangers have no one to confide in so they seek another human soul to connect with and understand them. Sometimes they seek a stranger, because they know a stranger will not judge or hate. I can understand them in a way.

Sometimes I wonder why I attract such people. I have all my life. Maybe they see in me a part of themselves. An invisible connection that can only be felt from within. Last time as I sat there with my friend dining at this restaurant there was an old lady sitting next to us. As soon as I turned to glance at her our eyes connected and she started speaking to me. She went on for what seemed like an eternity. I didn't get to enjoy my time, but I just couldn't cut her off. There was something sad about her, something lonely and desperate. 

If I can, I'd like to give these people at least that moment of relief. I'll listen to them, and give them that freedom they so very need.

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